man is this cheap

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  1. Powerful desktop

    Cheapest it has been in a long time!
    Dimension 4550 desktop - P4-2.53Ghz/533Mhz Bus Free 256MB upgrade/30GB 7200 RPM HD, Free 48xCDRW upgrade, Ethernet, XP Home, 6 months isp, Word perfect pack $599 - $200 rebate - 10% coupon = $340 shipped free.

    4x DVD Writer only $80! 2.66Ghz upgrade only $20!
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    thanx for alert, I will be on the hunt for 1 desktop and 2 laptops is this direct from dell ?
  3. I don't see this computer for $340. I don't see the $200 rebate and 10% coupon either. Can you provide links please?

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  5. I think I'll order one too.
  6. aren't there issues with P4's driving multiple monitors?? can anyone comment on this?
  7. Dustin


    I got almost this exact computer a few months ago with a 2.4ghz P4. Running 3 monitors on Matrox cards with no problems.
  8. Thanks Dustin. Do you have XP Home or XP Prof? What's the difference? Any advantages going with XP Prof?

    (Also, where on Dell's site is the 10% coupon?)
  9. XP Pro vs XP Home

    I don't do much networking and this is supposedly where Pro really excels past Home. However, because XP Pro came with my laptop and I bought Home for my desktop I have experience with both. The differences are seemingly few, but what I have found most is that things are in different places. Also, Home is less customizable (seemingly) with stupid things like the taskbar. This minor lack of customizability and the fact that many things seem to be in a different place makes Home very annoying. I would suggest looking for some tweaking/regedit/etc. shareware to help control either "beast." Actually, I should say contain, not control.

    Personally I would go with Pro, though the 2x price seems a bit much. I should note though that I don't run any trading software on Home or multiple monitors on either - so my opinion is based on general useability.
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