Man I miss the cheap stock days.

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  1. 09 feb/march when stocks where being dumped like trash Shit was being dumped so fast that even your limit orders would get filled lower by the time you hit the button.

    It was like being in an all you can eat chinese buffet. KO selling for cheap, GE in the single digits,CLX,PG,T etc..

    Great widows and orphan stocks at all you can eat mad max situation is coming buffet prices.

    When do you think we will get a second helping?
  2. tomorrow. after that Monday
  3. I hear ya, it wasn't until August when I slapped myself and said there not going back down.

    As far a second helping, maybe some other life time. That was a buffett though, now it is hard work.
  4. that was a once in a decade oppertunity. will not be repeated anytime soon.
    imagine the fear that would have to be generated to get us back down there. depression,bank failure, house collapse fears all at once.
  5. I think people will be a bit gun shy for a while. Everytime we have a bit of a pull back people will flash back to "the meltdown". I think people will be keeping fairly tight stops.

    At the same time the people who missed this run will that as an opportunity to get in. So I think we see a lot of pull backs that get bought.

    Personally I would love to see us trade back down to the lows and make a double bottom. Probably not going to happen though.
  6. Wheres those morons calling for S&p back to 666?

    David Tice was last seen pimping X rated playing cards in Tiajuana

    In fact where are all the morons that were here calling for the same?

    Answer, still here, still morons.
  7. well said stocks777 - don't be so hard on yourself your just a moron man..
  8. Lethn


    lmao invest in gold stocks and then watch it rise when another recession comes around? :p