Man has sex with 21 year old daughter. Thinks it should be legal.

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    His argument is if homosexuality is legal, why not incest.

    Oh the slippery slope you liberals slide on.

    I would really like a gay supporter to explain to me why this is "immoral" and homosexuality isnt. Aren't you denying this man his "rights & freedoms" to have sex with his daughter? He can use all the same arguments the homosexuals use. "you dont have to understand it, you just have to tolerate it" Or "if you dont like incest, don't do it, but don't deny others RIGHTS to incest"

    Do you see now how sick and twisted this road can get if you accept same sex marriage?

  2. It could also be argued that Adam and Eve's kids must have mated with each other. The bible is your playbook, correct?
  3. Its true, but it wasnt until later in genesis that God told them to stop doing it once the world population got high enough.
  4. This presents a problem in your logic for it clearly states that:

    1Sam 15:29, "God who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change His mind; for He is not a man, that He should change His mind",
  5. The law regarding incest did not come until the time of Moses.

    Think of it this way. Just because there was no law saying that its against the law to run stop signs before cars existed, doesnt mean the government "changed its mind" one day when cars were invented and stop signs were needed.

    God's law came to men when it was needed. There was no mind changing.
  6. Now that you've all deflected and I've come back and answered all your questions, could some of you gay supporters please answer mine? Why is incest immoral if homosexuality isn't? There are are only 3 choices.

    #1 You admit you were wrong and let logic and reason dictate that if incest is wrong, homosexuality must be too.

    #2 You stand firm in your belief that homosexuality is not wrong and then go on to state incest is also not wrong (which then you will have to deal with the social repercussions of that statement)

    #3 You put your blinders on and stay firm to the hypocrisy that homosexuality is ok at the same time stating incest is wrong.

    Those are the only 3 choices...(unless you can come up with another) Pick one.
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    Well, the laws of most countries in the world prohibit incest because it encourages pederasty and takes advantage of a dependency situation. For Adam and Eve however, there would be another good reason to avoid incest: genetic defects of the offspring. They better had god create some more humans.
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    This is horrific, without a doubt.

    But we're all on the slippery slope. If you look at a woman besides your wife and think you might want to poke her, you've sinned. To prevent that kind of thought, a culture might insist that women wear veils.
  9. I guess it depends on what she looks like.
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    The fourth choice is that a culture, Man, decides what is immoral and what is not. It's extraordinarily dangerous, thus, religion. Still, Man decides what religion is valid.
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