MAN Group to list closed-ended hedge fund investment firm on NYSE

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  1. Looks like this closed-ended will will be listed in September. Interesting, I own shares of similar closed-ended companies listed in London and Zurich and always wondered why none were listed in the US.


    A Renaissance for the rest of us?

    Tykhe Capital LLC, a New York-based quant shop named to manage most of the assets to be raised for the Man Dual Absolute Return Fund—expected to become the first publicly-listed hedge fund in the US within a few months—is hardly the best-known name in the business.

    But it’s doing something right, even if some combination of so-far incomplete disclosure, traditional hedge fund reticence and the regulatory cone of silence make it difficult to precisely determine the what and how of that something. According to Absolute Return magazine, the five-year-old firm’s assets almost quadrupled during 2006, from around $470 million to an estimated $1.8 billion, and, according to another source, hit $2.3 billion at Apr. 30 2007.

    Tykhe’s US Securities and Exchange Commission Form ADV registered investment advisor filing, dated Mar. 30 2007, claimed $1.73 billion in assets but that does not necessarily reflect its entire asset base.

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    please provide exchanges and tickers of listed CEF Hedge Funds in London and Zurich.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Most of these are funds of funds. Check the respective websites to find Premium/Discount information since these are usually NOT trading at NAV! Have fun:

    Country Company Name Website
    Castle Alternative Invest AG
    Absolute US Fund
    Absolute EU Fund
    Alpine Select

    Alternative Investment Strategies
    CMA Global Hedge
    Dexion Equity
    Dexion Absolute
    Thames River Hedge+
    Goldman Sachs Dynamic Opportunities
    HSBC Global Absolute

    MW Tops

    Northwater Market Neutral Trust
    Northwater Five Year Market-Neutral Trust
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    thank you!
    Which one do you hold, if it's not top secret ? :)
    Too bad most of them trading in the countries with stamp tax (UK, CH)

  5. ISE Irish Stock exchange seems to have the most names listed.
  6. Not sure if there is liquidity in these names on the ISE though? I think there are thousands of HFs listed on the ISE but for most of them merely for publishing their NAVs :(

    The funds I posted above are more or less liquid with a couple million USD changing hands every day for the listings in London and Zurich. The bid/ask spreads can be big at times, best to use limit orders and have some patience.
  7. Currently I own some shares in Dexion Equity, Castle and CreInvest. I owned Altin but it started trading at a slight premium so I will just be patient until it drops back to a discount of 5-8%. I am looking at GSDO (Goldman Sachs) but I am waiting for it build a history, it just IPOd a short while ago.

    Also looking forward to that MAN IPO in the US. Usually closed-ended funds - over a couple of months - goto a discount to NAV after their IPO so I will have to be patient on that IPO which is rumored to happen in September.