Man Group funds under management slump 21%

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  1. Shares in Man Group fell sharply Wednesday after the hedge fund manager said its funds under management had lost over a fifth of their value in the last three months of 2008.

    The group said funds under management at the end of the year were estimated at around $53.3 billion, a 21% decline from the $67.6 billion it reported at the end of September due mainly to lower leverage at its Man Global Strategies unit and investment outflows from institutional investors.}&dist=hplatest
  2. That's still better than many other hedgies out there.

    Man Group's a great company; they'll make it through the crisis.

    Virtually nobody's escaping this unscathed.
  3. Uhm, wrong.

    Hedge funds that actually have a real edge are doing just fine. Hedge funds that don't rely on the money supply pump but stay ahead of the pack are doing just fine.

    So contrary to your belief, Man Group ain't all that. If the fund is experiencing higher losses than general, it's because their strategy is really nothing more than long/short equity.
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    That is a 21% decline in AUM not NAV.

    Their strategy of their flagship fund (AHL) is managed futures - nothing to do with long/short equities.

  5. You're right, looks like they made money.

    Then they shouldn't have problems bringing AUM back up. I know of funds which still have demand regardless of the crisis. They also put a cap on AUM based on available opportunities.
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    depends on size of portfolio.

    small hedge funds under 10 million or have an edge since they are birds in the market and can use daytrading as their strategy

    daytrading and position trading are different strategies.

    the entire options market or money on the table is limited to only 3 billion dollars. from what i heard.

    and futures is even same thing

    you would have a all short position in portfolio to have made money