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  1. Man is one of the oldest and largest global FCMs and attractive in many ways except commissions and archaic trading platforms. Is anyone aware of any upcoming enhancements to bring them up to date?
  2. What exactly would be attractive about a company with brutal commissions and antiquated trading technology?:confused:
  3. Global 24/7 assistance and execution around the world with the number one clearing firm in crude oil, metals, et al, on most major exchanges such as New York, Chicago, and London. Get into a global crisis situation and see how much help you get from the large retail discounters.
  4. Can any CTAs/hedge funds who currently tarde through Man or have in the past share their views on their trading platforms, customer service, commission rates, reliability, etc,.

    Thank you.
  5. As a recent and ex-Man Fainancial client . . . I am glad I am somewhere else.

  6. Care to share more details? What was the problem?
  7. I base my opinion on any service company by the way they create a customer service environment. Man, in my opinion, will do or say anything to get your business and nothing to keep it.
  8. Hey:
    I think you folks are lacking perspective. Full service firms like Man serve a purpose. I have maintained an emergency account with Man for many years now. They have a presence in every major exchange around the world. Today when the Globex went out, while you folks were scrambling around deciding what to do, I picked up the phone and in about 30 seconds I had fully hedged my ES position in the pit. Because I have positions in currencies, I can call any Man office and get information and trade them all, not just the majors. Although I am out of the options business now, there was no better place to trade them than through Man. Now of course things are changing and electronic is the way to go. So the bottom line is that for a fund, or an individual with significant money, Man is like going to a specialty supermarket. They will provide all kinds of service, and of course you are going to pay for it. On the other hand, if you don't have a significant account size, they aren't going to worry about you much. If you don't want or need that service, hey theres always IB, or Tradestation or any number of places. But just remember when you are on the phone waiting for an answer to some question that this is what you signed up for.:D

  9. Lefty, please don't assume you are speaking to individuals that trade one contract. I use RCG and have for years. I wanted to move my own emergency account over to Man. It took them forever to activate the account because of their own internal problems. An honest response would have gone a long way with me, I didn't get one so my emergency account is somewhere else. In this business you have ONE opportunity to EARN my business. Blow smoke up my butt and I'm history.
  10. I understand. I felt like that at several points with Man. What I did was to call folks up and "discuss" the problem. I know these guys, and you are right, they will say whatever you want to hear. But, they also take a look at your account balance. They only have about 2,500 commercial accounts, and they know if they lose a big account they may end up on the sidewalk. You may not be a one contract trader, but most folks on this site are not trading size and/or they don't need the extra services. They really shouldn't be with a full service broker. Just my opinion. By the way, the longer I trader the more I am comming around to your side of the fence. I have a lot less patience than I use to have with screwups.

    Good luck tomorrow
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