Man cuts off foot to keep receiving unemployment benefits

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  1. Aok


    Give a guy a inch of bennies... and he'll want a foot.

    Dude should have cut off his head because obviously he's insane.
  2. U neee to find something to do bud.
  3. Taxpayers probably had to foot the bill for his hospital stay, too.
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    this situation remind me one of my favorite movies, 13 tzameti, in which poor men in the former soviet union play russian roulette for large sums of money.
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    Poor men taking the risk of getting a bullet to the head in order to feed their family is much more admirable than cutting off your own foot just so you don't have to go to work.
  6. It wont be so bad...apparently, for some reason, the podiatrist is giving him 50% off. :)
  7. zdreg


    the motivation for the money differs greatly.
  8. Respect.
  9. out of interest, what is the system like in America?

    Here in the UK, If you don't want to work for a living, you get 'jobseekers allowance' ($105 per week) and housing benefit (Governement pay your rent for you).
    Easy life.
    You just go and sign a piece of paper every few weeks and the money keeps rolling in.
    Obviously you're supposed to be looking for work, but it's SO easy to just say ''im trying but cant find anything''. I know people who have been living like this for 5 years.

    Is it like this in the US?
    I assume not, although some posts I read suggest otherwise?
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