Man bulldozes down his own home due to foreclosure

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wavel, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. wavel


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  2. the1


    Shouldn't this guy be in jail for Criminal Destruction of Property? That's not to suggest I side with the bank. Kudos to this guy for having the balls to do that.

    And how exactly does a person's home become cross collateral for business debts? I sure hope this guy wasn't a sole proprietor.
  3. wavel


    He could define his work on the property as a fundamental refurbishment. Afterall who can argue, he is the owner and taste is a matter of personal discretion.
  4. The title of this thread is wrong.

    The bank WAS NOT foreclosing.

    The bank was seizing the property because of an IRS forfeiture.
  5. niteowl8


    He should have just sold the house, and use the proceeds to pay off his IRS lien.

    What a douche!
  6. :D , this dude is funny, wow, he sure has the balls to destroy his own house.

    Seriously, police should take him out and shoot him before he is flying a airplane into a building, not again.
  7. wavel


    Yes I tried to edit the thread topic but I'm unable to do so, perhaps a mod could do that for me or somebody could start a new thread?
  8. Read the article. Bank could get more for it when they seized it than the value of the mortgage.
  9. sumfuka


    This is such a brilliant idea. maybe everyone should bulldoze their property, fuck city hall, banks, your annoying neighbor, the tax man. everybody..

    Problem is where do you live now? :p
  10. nevadan


    Jail, more than likely.
    #10     Feb 20, 2010