Man becomes first person to fly across english channel with a jetpack...LIES!!!

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  1. I see this on yahoo

    If you look at it, you can see the guy obviously didnt fly, he just jumped out of an airplane with wings attached to him and parachuted to the ground. I mean all those pics of him parachuting to the ground and how many of him actually flying? well there are 5 pics of him without the parachute and 4 of them were obviously bad photoshops of him flying, but those 4 were intended as pre-release photos. The one of him actually flying was of him so far away, you cant tell if its photoshop or not (picture 27) But one thing is for definately dont see any "jet propultion" in that pic.

    I think the whole thing was a publicity scam.
  2. It should be land to land. None of this launching from a plane stuff.
  3. I,ve been wondering all day who funded the design of this crap.
    Peter Daniels
    Aeronautical Engineer
  4. Well, they have done it in planes, trains, (bet they didn't see THAT coming 100+years ago ) , automobiles, dirigibles, balloons, heck, some people even swam it.

    Why not a guy with a rocket propelled wing?
    What the sceptics suggest, is that in fact he couldn't possible have jumped out of the plane over calais, very near dover in fact, because that rig would plummet like a rock at that weight and wing load without rocket assistance, of which there seems little evidence yet.

    You gotta admire the craziness, anyway.
  5. Thanks Doc, but I didn't have another ten years to wait for it to load, cripes, is Nat Geo the slowest site in the world?
    Found likely something similiar/same here, the flights in the Alps look convincing enough to me.

    Scroll down for the clips.

    If his wing stalled, too low, you would understand why he does it from a plane, but damn. I mean, DAMN. :eek: