Man, 78, beaten by teens: 'This is for Trayvon'...

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  1. pspr


    Sharpton even promoted his racist rally on his BSNBC program.
  2. pspr


    Here's an idea.

    It costs us a small fortune for housing and legal defense for murderers on death row all across the country.

    Let's give them the option of playing in a "Hunger Game". Put a dozen of death row inmates in the heavily fenced off wooded acerage and the last one alive gets his death sentence commuted to 'Life'. We could save a lot of money and charge big bucks to watch the games on TV.
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    There was an Arnold Swatzenager movie about that.

    But in the end they killed the winner (quietly and privately).
  4. The Rev Al has just discovered the old guys Twitter tag is No_Limit_Honky
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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    except for the fact that its already been well proven that the whole thing had nothing to do with race, and that entire narrative was a complete lie from the left wing media....

  6. Yeah , then they made Arnie the republican Governor of California . . . . and look what happened to him.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Movie was called The Running Man sweet movie back in the day, but now whenever i watch these old arnie movies they seem so cheesy cause the special effects were so bad.

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    nonstop drivel. I guess it's works in today's environment of people that never are taught logical argument and reason in high school.

    It appears to me that some thug that was trained from birth to not cooperate with whities wouldn't just have a polite conversation with a whitey, instead he was beating on the guy and threatening to kill the guy and he got blown away for his effort..
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