Mama's boy John McCain

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gringinho, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Well, is it any wonder that John McCain was a mama's boy when his father ordered to carpet bomb Hanoi after his son was running off his mouth in capture.

    Something tells me the father-son relationship was thoroughly damaged after McCain was captured and started talking, a pawn in the hands of the enemy and shame on his father's reflection...
  2. Seriously, is this like the 15th life story presentation of John McCain during this convention? Is this so that anyone who missed a previous night's content isn't left out? I hate to say it but it is like they are just filling the time and stretching this thing out at this point.
  3. His father couldn't stop John McCain from yapping, while bombing the hole John was being held in - but John seems to do better when others are speaking for him - just like back in Hanoi.

    John McCain's whole persona is centred around the fear of disappointing - and that obviously gives him his "maverick drive" too - as well as the opposition he expresses to "those in charge", the need-hate relationship he seemingly has with the establishment, his peers and in cooperating with others.

    He obviously feared his father, never measured up to his father's and grandfather's traditions - and cowered under the skirts of his mother. He seemingly radiates weakness, resentment and confusion - not sure he really is "leadership material"... very little crowd charisma or grip. Not suited at all for any diplomatic role anywhere. Terrible...

    I wonder if the neoconservatives will be very pleased if McCain has a severe medical condition a little while after taking office...

    I have used the MBTI methods since 1994 for recruitment, and will take a little time to find McCain's type - he is definitely not an ENTJ...
  4. I didn't dislike McCain until he took Lieberman under his wing.

    Then, tonight, there's a theme of 'Peace through Leadership' at their convention (signs and placards all over).

    Lieberman is there to make sure that the war machine rolls on, on new fronts.

    Republicans have strayed too far from their roots of limited government, balanced budgets, fiscal constraint, and war only when absolutely the last resort.

    I will never trust this party again, nor will I ever trust John McCain. His words are false.
  5. McCain is a troubled person, dysfunctional...
    Lieberman is a total weasel from what I could see.

    Psychoanalysts (Freudian) and any behavioural psychologists (Jungian) would have a field day with John McCain - there is really a lot of baggage there --- just like with George Walker Bush in the image of his father.

    The US is asking for trouble once again by electing an unfit weak republican president as the front figure for a republican administration! What a sorry deceit... Don't let the emotions cloud your minds.

    Both GWB and McCain had very obvious problems growing up in the image of their fathers.

    McCain: ... the information technology - we have to catch up and change the way we do business.

    If someone is totally oblivious and inside their little bubble - it's McCain.
  6. What can this mama's boy really aspire to accomplish as US president? Won't he be just another easily controlled puppet, or does he have the intellectual capacity to actually get something done independently?

    Are we all supposed to feel sorry for him, and trust that "his old sobbing heart is in the right place"?
    He seems without any substance on the issues, and without any clear direction.
  7. Actually it seems like a republican broken record playing...

    Emotional smoke and mirrors rhetoric with another weak president in office for republicans. McCain has neither the background, insight or skills to be able to do something on his own. He will be dependent on his counsel, advisors and established strategy-makers. The message McCain foolishly thinks he is bringing is another systemic failure - a comforting blanket of illusionary change answering the dreams presented to the electorate... in fact a repetition of the previous presidency, only then it was illusionary security based on the instilled fears of the population.

    McCain clearly does not possess the intelligence or abilities to - on his own - analyse, gather information, take an informed decision or organize a viable plan for any action needed, on any level. If the US president's job is to take informed decisions - we can be certain that John McCain will not be the intelligence behind these decisions and his role only symbolic to a gullible public. The guy is obviously very weak, with no skills at motivating or convincing anyone with a bare minimum of education or minimal superficial knowledge - on any topic.

    It is another moron living in a naive bubble of ignorance on his way to the Whitehouse!