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  1. hotboats


    What the F made MAMA break to the upside at 11:32 eastern time, I sold it at 5.23 5 min. before. F$$%^^k ME!:mad: Shorts must have got squeezed.
  2. Yup. Somebody got called in.
  3. blast19


    you had some nerve owning that hunk of junk in the first place...someone should make it optionable, i'd load the boat on puts....can never get shares to short.
  4. Aha. You can never get shares to short. Think about it. they short it anyway. Witness Hibernia Bank. has a piece says buy in is imminent and fails haven't been settled. I DO NOT see it on SHO list. However, that means little. It was on it. Buyins in notoriously inaccurate.

    Somebody's back office is raising hell because the regs are all over them. Watch this in the last hour. They usually spike into the close.
  5. They signed a deal with Thompson, a company locate in the UK.
  6. that's part of it. But when the system is loaded up with shorts, legit or not, and they succeed.............. Turbo charged.

    Look at NTRI. I'm so sick of that broad, "look at me, I'm a 2. " Like, shutup and take your shirt off.

    However, stock is ramping here, and it was manipulated for a while. Fly says it was an upgrade from last week. Right.

    All it does, by monitoring SHO, is give you a shopping list of high powered possiblities. You have to wait for the setups. And the last hour is a good one to wait for. And just because they leave the list, that's only part of it. Still watch and wait.

    And btw, they used to be able to call the troops in and sit on these. I see more and more they can't.

    Time taser correctly, and you'll be fartin' thru silk the rest of your life.