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Discussion in 'Journals' started by vr82, May 14, 2005.

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  1. vr82


    im a new female trader of the es emini and i feel really good. i started out with $20,000 and purchased a few hardware items so i started trading with around $19,000 and the last 22 days ive done pretty well. but the question is do i have the guts to keep posting when i lose. my thoughts are that i wont have the emotional baggage as the men traders but lets see if i will post even when i lose.
  2. vr82


    heres my baseline statement and well see what the future brings. my significant spends thousands on cars etc so i can waste $20,000 if i want.
  3. vr82

    Welcome and congratulations on your success that's a fairly impresive return and results so far for a beginner.

    I will not ask you for your method of trading but I will ask you, for how long you studied before you just jumped in and started trading live and what is your background in?

    btw, Men don't have baggage we have EGO's .... that prevents most of us from posting losses.

  4. vr82


    my background is in computer science but never had a job except that of household manager of 5 kids. the futures has always been a hobby and with all the available demostrations available I just started signing up for 30 day simulation trials and started backtesting my ideas and then all of a sudden i said, ive always wanted to do this so im going to do it. and i did. and i hope i have a happy landing, but if not, at least i can say i tried.
  5. viv

    You have proven a point that I have always said.

    When the money doesn't matter to you then you can trade with ease and simplicity and success.

    If I can give you a piece of advise I would tell you to just keep the right attitude about the original 20k.

    Trading is really a simple process of common sense and all the tools we use are just instruments to make it make sense to us.

    So if it is making sense to you KEEP doing it and remove that expectation of loss and replace it with an expectation of continued success.

    Now if you do start to lose you will just need to find better instruments so that it makes sense to you again.

    I wish you all the best and if you ever need any help pm me anytime.

  6. vr82


    my youngest son is 14, goes to jr high so I have alot of free time during the day. im not a desperate housewife so futures trading is the next best thing. my expenses are: 1)i prepaid an annual fee for esignal (emini only) for $580 for live data and i have a trading package called tradestation 2000i and with my very old computer education, easylanguage worked out very well for me. other than that i have no other expenses. so now instead of watching law and order, judging amyand others during the day i watch the futures create bar charts. and then i go watch law and order and judging amy.
  7. hello vr82

    wow ... impressive ... so far ... I would

    suggest you be ready at some point for the inevitable drawdown and even consider reducing size or taking some time off
    at that point in time , until you get your
    confidence back to the level it might be at now
  8. John47


    absolutely great start. Remember rule number 1, protect your capital!!!
  9. Hey computer science houswife,

    Who's leg are you pulling?
    Going by your May 13 statement you seem to swing 30 trades (15 long + 15 short) for a total fee of $28.20 (commission + exchange fee + transaction fee). That's 94 cents per ESmini trade! Pretty good for a housewife. Few 'ET pros' will be able to get rates like yours.

    Keep on posting sweetie. nononsense loves gals like you.

  10. mirtex


    That looks like RCG statement (same as mine) and means:
    - she took 15 trades, not 30 - made 15 buys and 15 sells, her gross profit from trades was 500, commisions and fees totaling 28.20, which can be made with some promo offer like from Global Futures.

    So it still can be fake, but you nononsense made yourself stupid by screaming bulls*** without knowledge of what you are talking about (RCG statement).
    #10     May 16, 2005
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