Malwarebytes Problem

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by mgookin, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. I downloaded Malwarebytes to my web surfing box because everyone says it's good. It found lots of stuff. I initially installed the free trial of the premium version. When that expired I uninstalled it and downloaded the free version.

    Now it keeps having this popup from the taskbar saying database is out of date and license is expired. It won't autorun.

    Is this thing a scam? Should I just get rid of it?
    I'd like to be running the free version without the nuisance.
  2. NoBias


    Malwarebytes is a good product - just purge any traces of the paid version and install the free one.

    I had a similar experience, and just dug out everything related in the registry after the un install.

    quick google search shows their uninstall tool

    another option re install the paid version then uninstall with revo uninstaller.

    good luck
  3. Thank you. The tool works great.

    Malwarebytes is still a piece of trash though. Why on Earth they think that harassing popup is going to entice us to use their product is beyond incredibly fucking stupid. Any company that incrdibly fucking stupid is not a company I choose to do business with.

    Thanks for the link to the tool. It does work.
  4. NoBias


    Glad the tool worked out.

    If you you ever do choose to use/re install malwarebytes, just be sure opt out of the trial/paid version. I only had the pop ups when I accidentally opted for free trial, the free version has no annoying messages pop ups.

    Like all freeware, I always choose advanced install and decline ALL options other than the intended program.

    Other than that one caveat... The combination of common sense browsing, [no questionable sites, no ad clicks, no porn etc... ], MSE and Malwarebytes does a nice job of keeping my home systems clean.

    Many different options for internet security, personal preference and familiarity. I found the above works for me.

    Good luck on what ever you decide on...

    edit: I did recently install a freeware on my media server, I absolutely love it, I renamed my entire media library with it and somewhere after my 8,000th file rename a subtle pop/up asking for a donation "if you like the product" appeared. I received the pop up again a few times after 9K and 10K files were re-named. Then I was able to auto download missing .srt files [subs] and I was in heaven, as I was slowly getting these manually .... So I decided to send him a little money, since I found value in the program....

    But I agree, some less than subtle donation/upgrade pop-ups can be annoying and alienate me as a customer as well.

    Edit 2, just an FYI for those processing mkv files: MKVmerge does a nice job stripping adding files in mkv containers, muxing etc...