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    Just a word of warning. I caught some nasty malware last week. It was so bad it made internet access, via any browser, impossible. Couldn't system restore or factory restore. I'm not technically savvy enough to figure out how to wipe the OS and reinstall via USB. I took it to a computer repair shop, first time ever needing to do that, and they said that while they had cleared the malware they still suggested wiping and reinstalling a new OS to ensure no malware was hidden in the files, which I did. This was only the beginning of my troubles. My computer is only a couple of months old.

    The next day I ended up getting notifications of suspicious activity across my accounts across the web like Amazon, Ebay, Gmail, etc. I had to go through changing everything up. They got onto an old Robinhood account I created when they first began, and abandoned after a trade or 2 only to forget about it. They deposited $700 from my bank account. Before this I had seen an email they had deleted in my gmail trash trying to link a bank account to Robinhood in my name. I forgot I even had an account so I assumed they were trying to create a new account. I replied to the email telling Robinhood it had been a malware attack and the person whom had initiated that bank linking was not me.

    The next day I saw a trade placed and then Robinhood replied basically acknowledging my hacked email. I downloaded and logged onto the Robinhood app to see the stocks they had traded still moving up and down (apparently Robinhood allows them to immeiately access $100 of the transfer before it has actually cleared ACH). Anyways, I sold the stock after for a hefty profit of $10 and told Robinhood I did not care about any profit, I just want the money back in my bank account and the bank link deleted. They stated they have initiated a fraud investigation. I also alerted my bank prior to the actual money being withdrawn from my account.

    After a little research on the web I saw it stated new Malware (as of Dec 2019 anyways) had the ability to steal all of your Google Chrome passwords which I am sure was the case for me. Just wanted to make others aware of this. I have removed all Google passwords to any financially linked sites or platforms I was currently with. So just wanted to alert others as well.
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  2. Any idea where you got it? Loaded any new programs? Could it have been on it when you bought it? Scary stuff.
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    Had the same problem with passwords saved thru Google. I have to change passwords now and remember not to use Google to store your passwords. Do not trust Google and I have to believe Google had a hand in having your passwords compromised. How can you suddenly, lose access to your accounts when your passwords are saved by Google? Either there is breach in Google's software or someone inside Google in engaged in this. They had to have had access to your passwords either thru, having hacked them? How? Or someone inside Google itself who is responsible.
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    My stupid self was downloading freeware. I should also state I had no antivirus running. Not a promising combination. Whether antivirus would have stopped it is uncertain. I'll also state I have spent the better part of a decade downloading freeware for whatever purpose and never had problems. Not stating it was from that for certain, but I was in the process of that task when the problems arose so. I can say with certainty it wasn't internet pron <shifty eyes>!
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  5. I run Malwarebytes and free Avast on my older machines, but I think (hope) that Windows Security included with 10 is good enough to catch most bad stuff.
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    Trade on linux or Mac OS. Bank from cell if you can and use Face ID and/or whatever they call it on Android. Dude, d-loading torrent shit on your trading PC?
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    Yeah, not very bright.
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    First thing to do when you buy a PC is buy software to backup your PC. I use Acronis.
    Make regularly backups. If you have any problem, just restore your PC from the backups and ALL the viruses are for 100% sure gone as you overwrite the whole disc. Always keep a few older backups just in case the last backup was infected without you knowing it.

    Just spent $50 and all problems are gone.

    PS: stay away from Google as much as possible.
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  9. Yes. All of us traders should have a back-up protocol which is significantly robust!

    (I do drive cloning + drive imaging... always keeping at least one copy disconnected at all times from my main rig. That's a wise precaution, as if all of your backups are "connected", a malware event might wipe all of them out in an instant! I know of that. I once had 4 backup copies of a proprietary, irreplaceable data file wiped out in a blink.)
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    Yeah I was stupid. I actually installed a new 1TB SSD right after I purchased and switched th BIOS to the SSD and made the original hard drive the secondary. I migrated the entire OS using Acronis so, at that point, I could have easily just unplugged the hard drive as a backup. Instead I reformatted it with a clean wipe and used it as a storage drive for whatever. This time the computer repair shop reformatted the OS onto the original hard drive as well as SSD and I did just that so it is now sitting as a backup.
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