Malicious trolling and stalking

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Lukas V, Jul 20, 2018.

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  1. Lukas V

    Lukas V

    You say "notify us of site problems" in this section's description, so I will: you have malicious trolling and stalking going on here, and you don't do anything about it.

    One of your most popular, helpful and respected members has now left the forum and explained why, on her profile.

    It looks like either you have no judgment at all or you simply aren't moderating your forum. The behaviour of the loathsome individual referred to is a continual disgrace about which countless members have commented adversely. You had many opportunities to do something about it before it did such damage to your forum. I'm not surprised you have ongoing member retention problems.
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  2. She will be back.
  3. padutrader


    if you talking about Xela it is matter of great sadness

    Today a member kept on insisting that she was not a pro trader.....what does it matter what you are, it is how you treat others that matter

    I hope baron is noticing this bullshit that is on his porch
  4. nursebee


    A post I made this week was removed by a mod this week, first time ever. Perhaps the site is moderated? Perhaps just lenient?
  5. The best defense against trolls/stalkers is not replying to them - do not acknowledge them.
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  6. qxr1011


    why leave ?

    one can just block the MF's and the issue is resolved

    i have blocked plenty of people and i am sure plenty have blocked me - good for us: they do not see my shit i do not see their's
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    She's being overly sensitive in this case. He was critical of her in a few threads on very minor things. I couldn't find even a single thing that was over the top but I cleaned up a couple of threads that had very minor back-and-forth between them both and told her to put him on her ignore list. She didn't like that solution obviously.
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  8. destriero


    I know that I can be abrasive. I am trying to elevate the level of discussion a bit. Sure, I could attack the problem from a softer angle, but what do any of you benefit from, "don't be undercapitalized" ad nauseam?

    I questioned the use of volume (constant volume) data in FX spot and futures after contra had broached the topic. She's passive-aggressive; nothing to back it up and won't even entertain the possibility of a debate because she's a voyeur. So shut me up. What good is volume in FX? What is the point of any forum without debate?

    I've already stated that it wasn't my intent to drive her off. I've been off this site for over a year bc I was traveling most of that time. She has obviously devoted a lot of time to posting here and I hope she continues.
  9. padutrader


    i respect you greatly and i respect her, Xela, maybe she is a he,only one letter has to be removed, but what she was subjected to was plain simple bullshit.
    Some one says i am a buy and sell side but you are not not once, twice, but more than 4 times,i am a golfer, so i can, but do NOT count more than 4, but this sort of behavior by that man is disgusting and not in the spirit of this wonderful place you have made.

    I hope you talked to that 'man' or whatever he was: i judge a person by what he does;if a lion does not eat a deer then that is not a lion.
    that was disgusting and may be i am overly sensitive too
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  10. destriero


    ^This^ clown thinks that index futures result in a delivery of shares. He thinks cum-tick data in spot FX is analogous to volume in single-names. He's 65 and trading for over 20 years and knows less than a stock market for dummies book?

    C'mon Bro, barefoot and stupid is no way to spend your golden years.
    #10     Jul 20, 2018
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