Malibu Beach and Forex

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  1. Have you guys noticed that the wave of price is so consistent in Forex.

    Put away your charts and watch the your price quotes

    Any comments?

    Michael B.
  2. Being the WaveMaster and all, I'm not sure what you mean by "wave of price". As far as price quotes are concerned.
  3. I know what he is talking about :)

    Oh yeah ES, I have grown back my demo FX account to 5000 again, and actually have netted $50 so far. Trying to think of my next trade :D
  4. Think of the ocean...:)
  5. Okay, I thought of the ocean and still don't have a clue. It sounds rather esoteric.
  6. hehe

  7. nlslax


    I'm gonna subscribe to this thread just to see if ES or maybe Wifey can explain the wave thing. It sounds like a chick thing - definitely esoteric.

  8. ok if you look at one instrument the wave thing may not make sense...start taming your movements by combining instruments and noting deviations...

    Put together several baskets and there are always trades...

    Wifey does not have a clue...

    Michael B.
  9. nlslax


    Geez... You should never put that in writing. :eek:

    You must be a newlywed.
  10. Electric has been abusing me for 18 years. But he knows who has the clue!

    Ask him who made the most money in the last two scalping shifts!

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