Mali: Slaves and Sharia Law

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    Alhader Ag Almahmoud, a 30-year-old livestock farmer of slave descent, was accused of cattle theft on flimsy evidence in August. He was subjected to a 10-minute trial and then strapped to a chair in a public square, where crowds watched as his right hand was amputated with a knife. Islamist militants chanted “God is great” as they sawed through his wrist. The cattle were later recovered; they had not been stolen.
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    Since seizing control of the north, a territory as large as France, Ansar Dine has carried out amputations of accused thieves as well as the stoning of a couple who had had children out of wedlock. Music of all kind has been banned, and even the Nokia cellphone jingle is forbidden. Women in the normally tolerant nation have been forced to cover up, and the Islamists have shown no mercy, publicly flogging a 12-year-old girl who was not properly dressed, as well as a pregnant woman whose veil slipped off, exposing part of her back.

    Mali, once a beacon of stability in the region, has become the world's newest failed state in the nearly eight months since renegade soldiers overthrew the democratically elected president in the capital, located in the south. The chaos that followed created the opening that allowed the Islamic rebels to penetrate the best-guarded cities in the north.