Mali: French Helicopter Pilot Killed in Battle

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    The pilot was fatally wounded as he took part in an aerial operation Friday afternoon in support of Malian forces in the north of the country, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a news conference.

    The aerial raids targeted a terrorist group advancing on the town of Mopti, near the key northern city of Konna, he said.
    Aerial strikes in the area continued Friday night and Saturday morning, Le Drian said.

    Malian defense ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Diara Kone said fighting continued Saturday around Douentza, east of Konna and Mopti.
    Konna was retaken from the Islamist fighters Friday -- a day after it fell -- with help from French, Nigerian and Senegalese troops, he said.
  2. where is the outrage from the left?

    France didn't seek UN approval for this war.