Mali: Al-Qaeda Warns France

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    PARIS — An al-Qaeda-affiliated group is accusing France of endangering the lives of a half-dozen French hostages by helping to organize a military intervention in Mali instead of negotiating for the hostages’ release.

    The accusation, in an online video, came from Abdel Hamid Abu Zeid, a battle-hardened Algerian who leads the most active of three squads of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the terrorist group’s affiliate in the Sahel region of northern Africa. Experts said the video was recorded Tuesday and put online by a Mauritanian Internet site, Sahara Media, that is a frequent conduit for AQIM communications.
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    WTF is wrong with France? Did they run out of white flags?
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    They pissed their pants and now all their underwear is yellow. Nothing to make a white flag with. :D