Male or Female?

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    I've never seen a chic with abs like that but who knows...

    and don't girls shave their arm pits?
  2. WOW, i heard about this on the radio and i thought they were just kicking up a stink over a manly looking woman. If this is not a man i will donate my left nut to her cause, that absolutely has to be a man!
  3. Sheesh guys, it's clear from the picture that is a Toyota.
  4. Kubinec


    It ain't the abs, it's the width, or should I say narrowness, of her pelvis.

    Lotta "men" have pelvises wider than hers :eek:
  5. copa8


    she's as manly as serena williams.
  6. maxpi


    At my age, she's a better man than I am!!
  7. Caster Semenya has been chosen as the new face of Gatorade.

    However, the bottle has had to have a caution added, as it may contain traces of nuts...
  8. I thought "she" had undergone sex reassingment surgery, to be quite honest with you.

    Overnight metoric rise in the global track and field world, extremely masculine in all outer attributes, lack of any type of breasts ... I still think "she" underwent sex reassignment surgery, LOL. :D
  9. lol
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