Male or Female Traders?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. "Pretty women make me buy beer. Ugly women make me drink beer." Al Bundy

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  2. sle


    Hmm..25 to 1, you say, let me look around
    swaps desk 2 to 1
    IR options desk 3 to 0
    m. derivs 0 to 2

    not too bad...
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  3. I think you are right about the gambling. Better to brag about making a killing on a stock or in a day then to consistently make small money. Kind of like diving, men rarely ask what you saw but how deep you went. Like a contest, if I said 150 feet (risking my life of course) that would be far more impressive then seeing a seahorse.

    I think women would rather have time then big luxuries. Now I have no research that is statistically valid. I also believe because we have had to multitask most of our lives we think in a connected fashion--if this then that. Makes for traders not gamblers!
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  4. You know, I think that's kind of sad. :( I'd rather see a seahorse than go down 150 feet any day! :)

    My deepest was about 34 metres or so. I think that's about 100 feet. Is that impressive?

    Actually, I'd rather spend 2 hours in 60 feet with nice light to see the reef and knowing I'm relatively safe, than spending 2 days in a decrompression chamber.

    As it turns out, when it comes to trading with conservative leverage and without gambling, most people seem to vastly prefer the decompression chamber to diving in shallower waters. Until their brains and tissues are so scarred from nitrogen bubbles that they can never dive, or for that matter, think again.

    If this applies notoriously particularly for males I don't know for sure. But I'd think so.

    Males are fighters, wagers, gamers and gamblers, conquerors and hunters.

    Females are nurturers, collectors, gardeners, growers and carers.

    Which traits are more conducive to growing a safe and steady equity curve?

    P.S: I'm surprised about the outcome of the "other" vote. Perhaps I should delay my vote until I've reconsidered my transsexual operation. :D
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  5. Xenia


    Anyone here who voted for "other" ?

    Please explain !

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