Male nurse goes on shooting Rampage.

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    Max E.

    Apparently the guy was always being disrespected and laughed at, so he went crazy, im starting to see a pattern here.....

    OAKLAND, California – A former student expelled from a small Christian university and upset about being teased over his poor English skills went to the school to find a female administrator, then opened fire when she was not there, killing at least seven people, police said Tuesday.

    One L. Goh "then went through the entire building systematically and randomly shooting victims," Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said at a news conference. Goh forced a secretary into a classroom and asked people to line up, Jordan said.

    Ex-student ID'd as suspect in shooting at Oikos University in California that killed 7
    Prosecutors probe bullying in New Jersey teen's suicide

    "Not everyone was cooperative, and that's when he began shooting," he said. The dead included six students and the secretary, he said.

    Jordan said Goh appeared to have planned the attack for several weeks.

    Those connected to the school, including the founder and several students, said the gunman had studied nursing. He was upset with administrators at the school, and also with several students.
    "They disrespected him, laughed at him. They made fun of his lack of English speaking skills. It made him feel isolated compared to the other students," Jordan said.

    At Highland Hospital, Dawinder Kaur's family told the Oakland Tribune that she was being treated for a gunshot to her elbow. The 19-year-old U.S. Army Reservist told her family that that the gunman was a student in her nursing class who had been absent for months before returning Monday.

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    :D :D

    I'll have to comment later...after I stop laughing.
  3. why are you laughing ?
  4. Sir, a student is so very far away from being an RN that it is laughable and shows your pitiable attempt to make something out of nothing.

    And worse, it states that he did not even get out, so what kind of pattern do you see other than the ones your little conservative mind attempts to make up?:D

    And just exactly what blue collar job do YOU do anyways:)
  5. I save lives, you drive a cab, yep, that is pretty damned funny:D
  6. he dive-bombs plants and small animals and discharges his weapon.
    and don't call Maxine ''Sir'' .
  7. Sometimes I think I am talking to some one 90 with dementia:D

    But yeah, sir is a bit much :D
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    You give enemas as well, so what?

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    Male nurse goes on shooting Rampage.

    Couldn't help but think of RCG, dumb ass.
  10. Well, when you get bitch slapped every time you mention my handle, it keeps it fresh in your head, cabbie:D
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