Malaysians starting the switch from paper to gold

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    A group has gotten more than 1000 businesses in the state capital to start accepting these gold & silver coins. People can pay their taxes and their water bills with silver coins.

    I believe the real switch will not be in just businesses accepting these coins as payment, but when the employees demand to be paid in these silver & gold coins. Thats when we will see currencies start to collapse.
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  3. thats the teacher body language , when he puts his hands together like that, it means" I am here to teach you something."
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  6. That is actually the universal "my balls are this big" hand gesture.
  7. And this is the "it needs brass balls" gesture :

  8. I thought it was the "I am up to something sisister" body language.

  9. That's great, I think this gesture means that.
  10. And yet if you are a westerner (american or european) you have a higher standard of living than most of the world.

    Just living in the United States you are better off than 95% of the rest of the world.

    If its so bad here, just renounce your citizenship and move somewhere else. But just a warning....out of 180 countries in the world, about 150 of them make less than half of what we make. (and most of those countries the average worker makes 5 to 10 bucks per day at best)

    Complain all you want, but this is the land of milk and honey. So what if they tax us. What yearly salary would you rather keep....60-70% of your $80k paycheck, or 100% of your $10k paycheck.
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