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  1. Time to liven up a rather dull home trading office.

    I'm in the process of getting the Crash of '29 original New York Times cover framed, as well as '87, '98 and April 2000. An interesting side by side comparision of crashes. I've also got a few famous magazine covers.

    Famous photos and prints are next. Vintage books are another goal. Vintage ticker tape machines are pretty pricey though.

    Do you guys collect any vintage Wall Street memorabilia? What other things are out there?
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  3. JB-

    Great topic. I'm in the process of building a new office. I'm not sure what my ultimate design goal is.
    I like the idea of vintage Wall St posters. I also like a contemporary look.
    I have seen a few different paintings that I cannot find prints of. I can't even remember the painters. Both were in a "pop-art" style. One of a multi-colored ticker, the other was arb hand signals(although I'm not sure if that was intended).

    Maybe traders can share ideas or photos would be even better.

    Happy Trading.
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    Observe two calenders,one inspiring calender. Keep 3 years + of old calenders under my current calender. Kept a 1997 calender because the theme is ''wisdom '' on it.


    Keep a color chart book of stocks I trade & the Hirsch Stock Traders Almanac which shows all the opportunity around the years you mentioned.

    Just looked on the longest stock chart I have seen,
    1789-1993, mostly uptrend s. Added green & red colors to it ;first chart in that William O"Neil book.
  5. If that does not provide inspiration to trade better, nothing will!!!
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    Hey, great thread, I was going to start the same one as I am about to re-do a trading room in the house I just bought. I can't decide on a theme or color scheme, but I want a stately, refined look.

    Going to go with a dark hardwood for flooring and some oak wall paneling and a darker paint color. Adjustable, subtle halogen lighting as well.

    Thanks for the links to wall street art, I hadn't thought of that. I know I want a picture of Dr. Spock though. He'd be the ultimate trader- analytical and no human emotions!
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    Hey don't forget Feng Shui

    "Feng Shui can improve all aspects of our lives and is increasingly being used for both personal homes and businesses to enhance the flow of energy. Many large businesses such as Virgin Airways, British Airways, Microsoft, Midland Bank, Harvey Nichols, the offices of The Wall Street Journal, The Hong Kong Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Morgan Bank have used Feng Shui to improve their business and harmony within the business world. "

  8. Check out...

    Click on the "click here for a list of the Inventory" section.

    They have some pretty cool rare stuff.
  9. Interesting links. The look I'm going for is timeless and historic. Those ticker tape machines are really cool. There are replica machines for $450 or so, but I'd rather spend more to get an authentic original.

    With any photos or prints, I'd like to capture the emotional essence of Wall Street, whether fear or greed, panic or euphoria. Seeing it in different forms through the ages.

    Old stock certificates are another idea. You can buy Enron Stock certificates on Ebay for $10, lol. Not a bad deal for a bankrupt company.

    Some memorabilia from the legends of the Street like Jesse Livermore or Baruch, etc, that would be interesting.
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