Making The Switch to Flat Pannels... But Can't Decide.

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  1. I've been reading up and trying to decide between these two 20" flat panels. Both are about the same price @ $500. Just not sure if I should go with the wide screen or go with the more traditional type.

    The Samsung 204t (traditional more square 5:4 screen)

    The new Dell 2007FPW (16:10 wide screen type)

    And I have read conflicting opinions in other forums and blogs, such as:
    <i>Depending on your work habits and software of choice, a 4:3 or 5:4 screen can prove to be a much more effective solution than a widescreen counterpart.</i>

    And then i read this:
    <i>Is it worth going 20" widescreen instead of 19" 4:3? In a word, Yes. 1280x1024 just isn't anywhere near as sweet as 1680x1050 first of all. Second, 16:10 is much more immersive than 4:3, because it lines up correctly with the humans natural eyesight (as you see in more of a rectangle than a box afterall). It's also great to work on as you can fit 2 full sized windows on a 20" widescreen monitor with no problem. Widescreen is definitely the way to go for work!</i>

    The 20" Samsung is more of the 5:4 ratio @ 1600x1200. Which means a little bit of overall screen size is sacrificed with the Dell @ 1680x1050. But I'd like to know what others on ET use. Is a widescreen the way to go for trading or ???
  2. I bought a dell 17", first time making the switch from LCD, loving it. Such a huge difference.

    I like the quality of the Dell, can't comment on the other. I thought I read Samsung and Dell's are basically the same though.

    Someone else will have to confirm.
  3. The Dell sure looks sweet. The 2007 is their newest model and just came out. It's also HDCP compliant although I don't really care about that except to say its Vista ready. Make sure you click on the "View Larger Image" link under the Dell pic.
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    I would suggest checking out the Viewsonic VX2025wm, it's a 20" widescreen panel, and I was extremely impressed with it when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I've seen it selling for as low as about $500 CND, and I could see that dropping even further this summer (apparently there is an oversupply of LCD panels in the market right now, 19" monitors sure have been plunging in price...).
  5. In my original post I wrote:
    <i> The 20" Samsung is more of the 5:4 ratio @ 1600x1200</i>

    My bad, a monitor with a native screen resolution of 1600x1200 is actually 4:3 aspect ratio.

    I'm still wondering though if a 20" Flat Panel @ 1600x1200 is better for charts, spreadsheets and IB TWS??

    Or would the 20" Wide Screen @ 1680x1050 be the way to go?

    I was also considering running two or even a three monitor setup. What do you think about the 20" Wide Screen in the center and two 20" Flat Panels @ 1600x1200 on the sides (wing panels) ??
  6. I think you are probably better off with all screens the same (or at least the same resolution and size), so you can set things like fonts and font sizes, colours etc, to the best setting for every screen. I have a couple of 19" CRTs @ 1600x1200 and a couple of 19" LCDs @ 1280x1024 and there is no best setting for fonts. Of course it depends on the mix of screens that are being considered, but it is something worth thinking about.
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    I see no reason to pay a premium for a bit of extra width on one screen when you can get much more, much cheaper with multiple 4:3 monitors.
  8. yeah, you can get four 19" ers for a grand.
  9. I agree and that was my first intentions. I didn't even realize that different sized panels would be an option until I seen these multiple display setups:
  10. 19" inchers is the most cost effective currently...but the next ones will come down in price ....I like the Samsungs...
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