Making sense of this election

Discussion in 'Politics' started by options2001, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Very wierd election results. Right wing nut jobs get on tv and are screaming about abortion, stem cells etc. Left wing nut jobs scream about gay rights, affirmitve action, tax increases etc

    Gay marraige - lost

    Affirmitive action - lost

    Ban on any type of abortion - Lost

    Assisted suicides - won

    growing pot and owning pot - win

    barrack obama - big win (ran on affordable medical care and tax cuts)

    Seems like big win for the center and not extremes on either side
  2. What channel are you watching where these left wing nut jobs were screaming about affirmative action?

  3. the only ones screaming socialist and terrorist were the wingnuts....nope, it doesn't amaze me.
    I'm conservative, I voted Obama, seems the nation agrees with me, and I agree with my fellow citizens
  4. CBN :D
  5. The problem Both parties are controlled by extremists. It hard to get done anything thats beneficial to majority of americans. The only things that pass in congress are the socialist agenda on the left and fascist agenda on the right.
  6. :) 700 Club is really expanding it's base!
  7. Look Obama's victory is in large part to "fundamentals of the economy are strong" Just imagine if the financial crisis and the georgia crisis were switched chronologically. With georgia crisis the republicans started to portray obama as a rookie.

    Imagine if you sit in charlotte NC and hear fundamentals of the economy are strong knowing that wachovia is no more. Clearly you would want to punch mccain in the face. Ohio being blue does not mean Ohio is suddenly liberal it means McCain was NOT able to relate to people's economic hardships. When you are concerned about losing your job or financial armageddon, bush's tax cuts to wealthiest 1%, dividend tax cut and elimination of the estate tax are not something you care about. You want someone to understand that life sucks. McCain fell into the same trap that elder Bush did, which was perceived economic indifference. His seven houses, defining earning more than 5 million as rich
    Stupid humor with joe the plumber did not really connect.

    .All the people who think this is an imaginary recession, well 2 states that were red 4 years ago (Florida and Ohio) will disagree.

  8. I agree economy and anti-bush backlash were the biggest factors in this election, but that doesnt explain the results in those other issues. Those issues were decided purely on the fact how people stood on those issues
  9. I am a die hard democrat but on the issue of gay marriage I don't even know what to do. Florida had a similar proposition to california (that passed) but I voted against it. If I see two men tonguing each other I am inclined to vomit but that does not mean I don't want those people to have equal protection under the law. This is not an issue I can answer with certainty.