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Discussion in 'Forex' started by cbyp, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. cbyp


    What do you need to start with in order to make money in forex?

    Reason i ask is that if you use 1-3% of your capital per trade

    Say you profit 2% average that month, does that mean you'd make 2% of the 3% risked?

    ie. 0.0006

    or does come back 2% on top of the risked capital.

    or 2% of the capital owned.

    Thanks, plese bear witht he confusion, i'm still learning
  2. Hi there,

    Keep in mind that risk/reward calculations should be independant..
    If you risk 1%, then your target should be 2-4%(depending on volatility)....

    again... risk 6-12%

    hope this helps
  3. Would you mind not to use my capital, if you still have any of yours left? Thanks! :)
  4. cbyp,

    I would highly recommend that you read Van Tharp's "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom". Before you do anything else. Good luck.