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  1. I have a hypothetical situation, this by no means is true, it's just ficticious. How do people who don't have any money that are just starting from scratch make money to put into the stock market? For example, Johnny/Jane needs to live, he/she only works minimum wage jobs, and has no other way of making money besides from his employer. How can he/she make enough money to eventually put in the stock market so he/she can start investing or trading for his future?
  2. People such as you describe seldom become interested in saving/investing/trading. Otherwise, you work a ton of hours in order to scrape together your grubstake.
  3. Please make your post more clear, I had trouble understanding it. Thanks
  4. First thing, have more witheld from your check and use the tax refund to fund an account.

    Second, open a Christmas club at your bank and save $10 a week.

    Apply for a credit card and don't use it. Save the cash advance for funding your account. Hopefully you can manage a repayment plan.

    Get a line of credit on your checking account, these are easy. Payments come right out of your checking account.

    Quit smoking. Quit drinking so much. Quit buying lotto tickets.

    Go trick or treating for cash with a pair of those Kenneth Cole NY Hedge Fund shoes, woo woo.

    Smile more, be a waiter, work for cash.

    Learn a few magic tricks and play your friends for money.
  5. Stock market is not for people making minimum wages. If you want to play the stock game, either get your initial stake elsewhere (from parents, for example), or find a better paying job.
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    They open up an FX account somewhere for, what, I don't know, what's the minimum, something like 12 bucks and the lint in your pocket?