making money is the ultimate cure

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    seems like trading and psychology are a perfect fit.

    making money cures all, you become more consistent, profitable, and courageous.
    It cures all phycological hangups, but the key is which should or required to come first:
    making money or "psychological betterment", for a lack of a better phrase.
  2. I don't like the word "braver". When you get braver you are disrespecting the power of the market.
  3. lassic


    yeah, braver has a negative connotation now, meaning being brash
    but I was going for parallelism :) and couldn't think of a more appropriate word, guess courageous would work
  4. AAA30


    How about "confident"?
  5. lassic


    thats the word
    :D you win
  6. Here is a dumb answer: both!
  7. Yeah well, the truth of the matter is somewhat different.

    Nothing (but death) "solves" a persons problems in a final manner.

    As long as we are breathing, we are dynamic beings.

    Our feelings about our lives, our achievements, etc. change as we age, and as we try to meet the challenges life puts in front of one stands still for very long.

    What makes this life a little easier is obtaining competence,

    What makes this life a little easier is having talent, aptitude, skill.

    What makes this life a little easier if having and maintaining our connections to our families and friends.

    and as we all know, some of us are, for lack of a better word "lucky"....and frankly being lucky is the best of all worlds....even though we don't want to admit it....

    In contrast, "money", making money, having money, inheiriting money, finding money, being given money, winning money, are desired by all of us, yet if and when we obtain "money" what we eventually find, is that all that does is remove the problems associated with money...The rest of our lives doesn't change

    People expect money to fix doesn't
  8. A great post indeed! From a seemingly changed person today. :)
  9. slacker


    Tru dat!

    "As long as you are alive; you get to pick your hell!"

  10. I think psychological betterment should come first.. In reality, you really could do nothing when you are not on your state of mind.. Like in trading, you could not trade properly if you have a troubled mind.. So you see, it's important for a human being to be mentally okay for us to do what we want to do, including making money..
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