Making money in the stock market should be easy

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  1. Making money in the stock market should be easy

    no need to do more work than is necessary

    thats why you buy


    and make tons of money doing almost no work at all except place a buy order

    RIMM up 8 bucks. NO recession there. BIDU up 17 bucks. GOOG up 10 bucks. AAPL up 4 bucks. Please Obama make this recession stop. Pleeeassse fix the mortage 'crisis' and credit 'crisi'. Markets up again? nooo I though we were in a recession. Where is the doom and gloom? Where is the financial meltdown? Why isn't the consumer 'tapped out' as the bears claim? We have a web 2.0 dotcom boom in the silicon valley. Millions of people logging onto facebook and myspace. No recession there.

    The trade:

    buy stocks. buy oil. Buy EWZ and or DIA buy stuff I recommend. make money with no work.
  2. And today is not April 1st??? :confused:
  3. Funny it is. The mix defies every known economic theory.

    I was totally surprised when I read that the governor of that state paid more than $4,000 for intraday personal services, you know what I mean.

    I was also surprised to read some place that the price was much lower a couple of years ago, during better economic times.

    So I asked my good friend who is a tenured economics professor and I was surprised again. He revealed to me that during recessions people with money have extra cash to spend on that type of service because they do not make investments. So that kind of personal service is on demand, contrary to other services.

    So, here is the proof that things can go up during recession.

  4. eagle


    Sure. If you're talking about historical prices. :D

    But what about the future prices of those stocks? :confused:
  5. Pun intended?
  6. We are in a recession.

  7. Oh and grow up and stop the childish posts.
  8. So because these tech stocks are up the mortgage problems are over? Man you are smart. Maybe you can take over when Bernanke is done.
  9. Wasn't "stock_trad3r" on the star on the video where the trader is freaking out after having -$25,000 day loss ?
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