Making money in poultry at home?

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  1. What do you think, this could be a profitable venture?

    Is it possible to sell covered calls on the eggs, and if its in the money just send the eggs to the CBOT?
  2. Funny, I'm in the process of putting in a chicken coop in my back yard.
  3. With some chickens, a rooster, two/three goats and a some tillable land you would be set to go.

    At least I know worst case scenario I have the land :) with a fresh water lake.

    Goat milk, goat cheese,goat meat, eggs,tomatoes,potatoes,etc..

    enough to feed a family.
  4. big money selling eggs? you guys are funny. obviously never lived on a farm.
  5. da-net


    I don't know if that is possible, but organic eggs by the dozen are priced high enough to make decent money with them from neighbors, etc. if you have the resources to do it.

    Read an article about a month ago where WalMart is sourcing fresh locally grown products for their grocery sections, perhaps you could be a supplier for your local WalMart store.
  6. "organic" or INorganic., ALL eggs are high in FAT! :eek:
  7. Recall a guy who grew sqaub, baby pidgeons for the restaurant trade? Nothing small about them incidentally, these were bred for size/ growth etc, didnt take up enormous space and was a surprising little earner.