Making money from Hurricane Sandy

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  1. What stock recommendations are there to make money if the hurricane floods the east coast?

  2. 1) ?..... short-sell insurers and electrical utilities? :confused: :(
    2) !..... get "long" for a "not as bad as expected" rally! :eek: :)
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    short casinos.AC is flooded
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    I am planning for #2
  5. Get a chain saw and remove fallen trees. My neighbor had one fall on his house after a hurricane and they wanted 7000 bucks to remove it.
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    As Katrina approached, I had a brilliant idea about how to make money from the storm, so I bought shares in Clorox (CLX). Visions of trainloads of bleach chugging toward New Orleans filled my mind.

    Didn't turn out that way; I think many of the houses were left to rot and then were torn down. However, my story has a happy ending because CLX was a decent stock pick. I bought it in the low or mid 50s, it paid a 2% or 3% dividend and I sold it a while later in the high 60s or low 70s.
  7. hoodooman has the right idea. there were stories of entrepreneurs buying portable generators for $500 in other states near LA and selling them for $10,000 in LA. they would buy like 10 generators and put them on the back of a pickup and just drive down the devastated areas and pull over to people and ask if they wanted one. cash only of course :cool:
  8. Your post tops mine. Selling generators is a lot less work than cutting up trees.
  9. Short airlnes. :cool:
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    not seeing what I expected...
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