Making money even without a +ve PnL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Prospect, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Prospect


    Hi Everybody,

    Just in case if you colud share your thoughts and opine on the idea of trading for rebates on ECNs even without a positive PnL,

    My questions:

    1. Is it any too more lucrative than NYSE trading or trading for PnL ?

    2. Can you really take home about 10 grandz every month trading just for rebates ??

    3. Is it true that trading for rebates wouldn't last long after NASDAQ's introduction of supermontage ?

    4. How is it if you trade volumes only generating rebates keeping your PnL just flat ???

    5. Do you really run the risk of smaller ECNs not paying up rebates on time ?

    Any other thoughts and / or comments on how the strategy compares with other kinds of day trading ???

    Also a last question,
    Is it wise, as in more lucrative to be scalping than position / swing trading ???

    All your comments shall be really appreciated,

    I invite you all and look forward to a very intricate conversation on the topic,

    Great regards,
  2. fourcups

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    I know traders who do this and make $ but discipline is a bigger key in this game.You can not hit or take an ecn in that game.To answer your ? yes you can make that $ but you must do 500k a day min.If this is you and you like this game then go and do it i have seen it done on a consistent basis
  3. fourcups

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    The commish must be 1$ per ticket you get a rebate of 2$ per ticket(adding liquidity).so a flat p&l on 500k at +1 per ticket =10k per month if that helps you any
  4. Prospect


    thats quite encouraging,