making money consistantly

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  1. its funny ... even if one finds a way ( edge ... etc )

    to make money as a trader ...

    how humbling the markets can be

    I never know how much money I will make (or lose ) in a given day ( or week)

    even if I "sense" over time based on my account size or
    volatility in the instruments I trade what I prob. will end the week
    at as the days of the week go by.

    one trick I guess is not to let any one trade (s) or day (s)
    wipe out the prior day (s) profits ...

    and to somehow if one has had a bad trade (s) or day (s)

    be able to "move on" and "focus" on doing the "right stuff"

    that has made you money in the past and let the chips
    "fall" again your way
  2. You are obviously not diversified enough... or hedged well enough.

    Right now...
    I am Long 32 positions... and Short 27 positions.

    When your Portfolio starts looking like mine...
    You will enjoy quite predictable profits from week to week...
    And have perhaps one losing month per year.

    I get near ZERO stress from trading.
    > 90% of my stress come from dealing with business and computer system issues.
  3. do you ever trade futures ?

    that sounds like a long - short stock portfolio to me
    or pair trading

    good luck and thanks for your comments
  4. Yes...
    It's a long/short stock portfolio...
    And an elaborate form of "pairs trading" better termed "basket trading".

    I make 300 stock trades/day...
    And about 1-2 futures trades/day for hedging purposes.

    I do not know how to trade futures in such a controlled manner...
    But I personally know someone who is doing it.

    The volatility of this fund's Unit Value... is very similar to mine...
    And I know he mostly trades futures...
    Because I have spoken with him on the phone recently.