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    Any of you guys make market by hand on the larger spread equities? It seems like it could be profitable but I haven't really heard anyone talk about it.
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    Yeah all the other orders are definitely automated. It kinda seems like they are just flipping from the bid to the offer not taking any inventory.

  3. ie day trading
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    you're going to sit there all day manually making a market? you must put very little value in you're time
  5. jb514


    inventory as in trading high volume but never taking on any significant amount of shares
  6. On a good day :p
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    If you do it manually, I recommend finding a few micro-caps that look "solid" to reduce the risk of a big loss. Basically, find something you wouldn't mind investing it and trade around your position without going short.

    I trade about 500 low-volume stocks but I upload my limit orders overnight so I am not a "real" market maker. If you get stuck with a position in a thinly-traded stock, it's really hard to get out - the spreads can be as wide as 10-20% so be prepared for occasional big losses and limit your positions. Of course, the wide spreads is why it's "easy" to make decent profits (with a smallish account).
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    Almost everything I do is automated, so by no means am I set on trading by hand
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    Be very, very careful with automation in thin names. And in the overnight and late afternoon markets. Most of the really painful automation errors that I have heard about locally here in Chicago typically are in thin, wide, gappy markets.
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