making just around six figueres annually... but i want to go back to school meanwhile

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  1. I got my BA 2 years ago, and i have been prop trading ever since.

    Now i want to invest it back on education.
    ( will go to school after mkt close west coast time )

    MBA from top 20 are virtually out of question because the high standard and high tuition they require .

    How about Master of Mathmatic Finance or Master of Statistic from USC or UCLA ?
    They are much more affordable and i think i will benefit more from MS' financial and mathmatical focus classes than MBA's management courses.

    Of course MS dont carry the same weight of MBA from the above schools and there arent as many elites sitting with you in the class.

    As i stated in the headline i am seeking for more education because i understand the speed market is changing not because i am not cutting an income from trading.
    I just feel inadaquate making a living with tools like ESignal and couple Excel speadsheet, especially i want a career in trading for 3 more decades.

    The extra knowledge from school may not help much if i never move out day trading into a fund of some sort.

    so , What is MS worth much in today's business environment?
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    o man don't let anyone ever tell you u can't use something for something. odds are they don't know about it, especially if its coming from a trader.

    if you look up timothy morge and blackthorne capital, you'll find he made some use of his math skills if not directly, then indirectly while collaborating with spike trading.

    more interesting, Steve Job's comencement speech at Stanford for which he attributes the caligraphy class he dropped in on guerilla style after dropping out of Reed college within the first 6 months for creating the first "aesthetically pleasing" font on a PC. Briefly mentioning that you can never connect the dots going forward, its only in hindsight, Job's basically points out that if you never make the dots, you'll never have shit to connect.

    (its basically his way of saying to an obvious cynic that would go "oh, thats nice hindsight is always 20/20" that "of course its 20/20 dipshit, whatelse would it be, it already happennded so unless you have a "delusional bias" its going to add up unless you can't count")