Making JH' SCT and all his material alive

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    With the chart snippet you posted, bar7 is incr black and included in the long tape. If that bar was incr red, the RTL long would have been drawn to not include this bar.

    The fact that it was an increasing volume bar was informative and gave an indication of which tape to include the bar within. Price and volume inform each other.

    If it was a decreasing volume bar it would also be informative in that by the memory of the pattern, where does decr red volume occur? Where does decr black volume occur?
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    With the nutshell summary image post of stepan7 and
    all Jack's posts up to this one has everything you need to nest fractals:

    If it still stumps you, perhaps exploring another facet and giving this concept a rest.
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  4. Cnannel trading is very powerful, but not the nesting Hershey crab.

    hint: VE - volatility expansion and m1m2 fractals work more than they do not.
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    It's a normal thing to get stumped by certain concepts. It's better to not take it personally, noticing when it's happening; step out of a loop and move on to other concepts. Sometimes there's a specific sequence of understanding that functions much like a key to a lock - (which is personal). We're all unique and come with a morass of assumptions, associations and beliefs, some supportive and many that have outlived their usefulness.

    For me, when confronted with something I don't understand, I like to go back to the "last known good." It's important to establish what one 'knows' to be true and build upon truth. Also supportive is to re-evaluate basic assumptions and test if they continue to be true.

    This does cause a conundrum of sorts in that this method supports developing a systemic understanding of the markets that is mostly outside consensus reference established by Conventional Wisdom.
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    Before anything, I want to give thank you to the people who decided to post messages and provide their knowledge.
    Thank you to all of you, this is appreciated.

    After the last messages, I've started to see things slightly different as for Nesting Fractals. but I'm very well used to "see things slightly different", which has always been an illusion.
    I am gonna post some charts where I tried to nest properly.
    I don't know if that's good, anyway if it is quite good I'll try to refine it, if it is not good at all, then I stop with that area for the now.
    Hope this time it'll be good.

    I do not understand this...

    Nor this. What is the reuter code for this FDAX ? I was on CFD : DE30EUR.
    I'm still searching for your "easy rules", those rules that after 5 years of daily work I still do not understand nor find.
    Plus, I don't know if you saw it, but I've mentionned I don"t know how to build gaussians. I've read, I've got the PDF about it, I've read a lot on it, worked a lot, but I don't get it and I've mentionned it.
    So I don't know if you're doing some humoristic answers, but in any way i don't get the sense of this.

    I'm not gonna comment this, thank you for saying you think it's wrong.

    That would be a big surprise :wtf: can you explain please what it is then ?

    Volume increases to indicate dominance. FTT stand for Failure To Traverse, this moment where price coming from its RTL goes towards its LFT, and suddenly stops to do so and reverses to go back towards the RTL where he was coming from initially.
    I don't know what you mean when you say "which TL". What are you talking about ?

    Volume decreases to indicate non dominance.
    Don't understand your second question
    FBO stands for Failure to Break Out : price goes towards itsl RTL, touches it and bounces on it.
    Maybe you're asking about wich trend line is FBO "linked" to ? If so, FBO deals with RTL.

    Volume increases to show dominance, VE stands for volatility expansion, this is on the LTL if this is what you're waiting for.

    Thank you very much for providing the order you think is good. Thanks a lot.
    By the way, are you mastering SCT ?

    This is surely gonna happen.
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    I have a question, linked to the 5th Part of my Plan : 5- Problems.

    And to be more accurate, It is the 4th one : Failsafes.

    Does anyone else confirm the opinion of tiddlywinks as for reorganizing the listing and focusing my attention on Failsafes, if my next attempt on nesting fractals fails ?

    Thank you one more time to all of you guys for providing reactivity and answers, I appreciate a lot and hope to be helpful for anyone too.
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    Along the last few days I have seen by time deduced to work reduced necessarily.
    Tomorrow I'll be posting fully annotated charts showing my attempt on nexting the three levels of fractals.
    Before this, i post here a poorly annotated chart focusing only on the fractals, and I'll add the whole I know tomorrow (I've made different exercises on two charts of the same market.
    It's how it looks as for Tapes, Fast fractal, Trading fractal and Slow fractal, as the markets closed.
    On the charts i'll be posting from tomorrow, it will try combine everything that has been sad until now. I'll do my best.
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    It doesn't appear you are applying what has been said. Your chart is annotating the low volume period of the instrument. At the highest volume of this period only 600 transactions per bar occurred. You are focused on the wrong side of liquidity. The trading timeframe is 81bars during RTH. Eighty-one bars is the size of the chart.

    Jack recommended ES 5m to learn. In learning, you can start with delayed data and upgrade to real-time when you have the basics down.

    If you persist on the path you are on, it's doubtful you'll make headway. Maybe you'll experience different results by being stubborn, I dunno.

    Lower liquidity = higher risk.
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    Understanding the concept of Failsafes & BM's are a priority. The Failsafes are established at the beginning of trends and boundaries of developing channels.
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