Making JH' SCT and all his material alive

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    Step 5

    End of the drill for now, I have to go. It has been great feelings.
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    Had to end the session in hindsight.

    36th Session of MADA - 10/22/19 - 34 EE's

    I can't post the log for a ....stupid reason. Sorry about this

    Update : along the current week I'll, in the morning do either 1 or 2 logs in hindsight AND in the afternoon (3:30pm for my country) I'll begin to log in real-time. I will not be able to log the whole session in real-time due to lack of time this week. Next week I'll do :
    - in the morning : debrief of prior day's log
    - then one log in hindsight
    - then in the afternoon, try to complete a whole session in real-time, fully logged and w/ annotated chart.
    - I will also allow sometimes in the morning, by not doing the hindsight log & chart, and dedicate this time to thinking/reading some little crux I have with some items : Fd, Hb, n+1 test after C-band, Ah etc. Gotta do a list.

    NB : I also have to find a way to understand what 2min YM is, and what has been exposed in the following post, I don't understand yet, from "The desktop to set up as so:"

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    Comments within quoted text.
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    Screen captures of trading screen layouts.
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    ESZ9-1022-5m-eod 1,2 of 2
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    37th Session of MADA 10/22/19 - 47 EE's
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    Serious Internet connexion issues today. Unable to do what was planned


    Gonna study last posts/debrief as next tasks
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    Thank you !
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    That's what I have :

    Ag VEBO

    No typo.

    You are tooling along.

    You get to P2 one way or another (carte blanche).....

    Check out that P2 is > P1.

    So after P2 consider seeing a P1 or a T2P.

    IF a P1 then designate the bar as Ag VEBO.

    This could be a bar where a UL is "on the row". Just saying.....

    Af HVBO

    This is the old A2 of long ago.

    You are in a lat. You are getting the job done.

    Suddenly a HVBO occurs in the lat after you have the P1 to T1 to P2 in the lat.

    What you see is what you get; designate it as Af HVBO.

    DD and dissection time.

    Ag VEBO
    - VEBO stands for Volatility Expansion Break Out
    - You get to P2 one way or another (carte blanche)..... : easy for me cause for once, carte blanche is in my native language ! So I get to P2 one way or Wait and UL along the line does NOT kill Ag. I can also have several P1's and T1's unless it triggers another A-band EE. So far good.
    - Check out that P2 is > P1 : Crystal clear, we need P2 above leftmost P1 level. And, according to the handwritten version of A-band EE's sheet, Ag is killed in Lat only
    - So after P2 consider seeing a P1 or a T2P : effectively, after P2 according to the VERS, one can either (if the volume element is only a volume element and not also a EE), P1 is gated if superior to prior P1 (=last measured) and T2P is gated if bar.0 is under P2 and above T1.

    NB : I have to remind that lastly, you IDd a T2P after a P2 on a bar (subsequent to P2 that was below it and that was above T1 leftmost) AND while the given P2 was above P1 AND while the bar.0 was both in between P2 and T1 and above P1. I said that in this case, I'd see an Ag VEBO due to the fact that : P2 > P1 AND the bar.0 is just after P2 AND this bar.0, although it satisfies T2P condition, is above last measured P1, which was P1 leftmost in this case. Being as I know P1 can follow a P2 if it exceeds prior P1 AND being as in this case the prior P1 is the first and only one, THEN I see this bar as a bar just after P2, which is a new P1 by being above prior one, with P2>P1, so I see everything lining up with Ag VEBO definition.

    - IF a P1 then designate the bar as Ag VEBO. How can one have a P1 after P2 ? according to the litterature and the VERS, P1 can follow a P2 if it exceeds prior P1. Then what if there are several P1's initiating the sequence ? we use the leftmost, the first one so to speak. And what if there is only one P1 ? even more easy, it is the reference. The reference for what ? for ID a new P1 after P2. According to the VERS, for a P1 revchron, what do we need compared to last P1 IDd ? It's is revchron column, new new, it says >=. So a bar after P2 exceeding prior P1 is (P1revchron) OR (it is P1revchron AND a given EE"). In the case we discuss, it's question of a bar being another P1 after P2, so it can only be a P1 revchron cause P2 happens after P1 AND we have P2 > P1 AND we're not in a Lat cause we know from A-band sheet Ag is killed in Lat only.

    - This could be a bar where a UL is "on the row". Just saying..... : this means a UL can be on the line. In addition to that, we can add : this could be a bar where a UL and/or a wait is on the line, thanks to the A-band sheet.

    Af HVBO

    - This is the old A2 of long ago : we know JH changed some of the names of the EE's along time. Fine.
    - You are in a lat. : So Af can only appear in a Lat.
    - You are getting the job done : we hope so ^^
    - Suddenly a HVBO occurs in the lat after you have the P1 to T1 to P2 in the lat : fortunately, confusion is avoided here as it is clearly said that (BOTH P1-T1-P2 must appear IN THE LAT) AND (the HVBO must occur IN THE LAT).
    - What you see is what you get; designate it as Af HVBO : ok ^^^
    - additional : on the handwritten version of the A-band sheet, the AddReq cell is empty. BUT I have noted, in my old binder where I had handwritten all the EE's texts, that Af needs P2 > P1. I can't find back why I put this. BUt I know there must be a reason why. With that said, even though this annotated info on my personal notes, I don't see in the present text anything preventing in fact.... P2 to be anywhere compared to P1. If you say P2 must be below P1 for Af, there must be a reason why too, but I don't find it in THIS text, netiher in the text, nor between the lines. There must be another text you have used for this DD AND/OR this must come from a DD from another EE which makes Af in need of P2 < P1 in order to be.

    My DD is then :

    - to have Ag VEBO
    a) we need the trend to have progressed until P2
    b) we need this P2 to be above P1
    c) the IDd bar as Ag VEBO can't be in a Lat although P1-carte blanche-P2 can be in a Lat. That's what is contained into "carte blanche" AND what is explicitely defined in the A-band sheet with "Kill in Lat only". The "carte blanche" precision contains the possibility of having the pre-sequence before Ag (so until P2 in a way or another), and when coupled with "Kill in lat only", then any possibility of having THE Ag VEBO bar in Lat is impossible.
    d) we can have a wait (info from the sheet) and we an have a UL (info from the litteratureà) along the line and we can have the Ag bar on a UL

    Therefore finally, if all these conditions are present, then after P2 :
    - either the bar is above P1 leftmost : Ag VEBO
    - either the bar is between P1 and T1 : T2P
    - either the bar is under T1 : Ab LVBO

    - to have Af HVBO
    a) both the sequence leading to P2 MUST be in the Lat AND so must be the HVBO bar
    b) UL/WAIT can happen, no kill
    c) the relative position of P2 compared to P1 is :
    - for my old notes, it must be P2 > P1
    - for you, it must be P2 < P1
    - for my current DD : I don't know. I can't find again why I put this condition some months ago.

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    7:55 : OB so I see BO,T1 AND PP4. So, ther would be both short c-turn Set A MR, and long a-turn Set A MR on this bar. CscEff would be : T1-T1-[BO,T1-BMrev].

    8:35 : at my LOD, I don't see any rtl so no BO,T1, only BMrev.

    9:25 : according to what you did on the prior bar I've discussed, I expected you to ID BO,T1 too.

    9:50 : I agree with that BMrev although it does not appear clearly on your chart cause you do not adjust your BM's to the degap. I use to do it, and I agree with this BMrev.

    10:25 : I may be quibbling but, why do you put the arrows of the retro this way ? I put them horizontally like you of course, but the first one has its base close to the retro box pointing backwards to start IDs from Lat2, and once this Lat2 is measured, I put another arrow pointing onwards and start collecting ID's. I see my way more logic than yours. Is there any reason you do it this way ? No big deal in any case, although I'm interested :)

    10:35 : I also see BMrev

    10:50 : for me Lat is ended here

    11:20 : it's hard to be sure visually so :
    - either after degap, H of Lat 13 is same as H of Lat15 and I'd see on Lat15 a StR
    - or after degap, H of Lat13 is on tick below H of Lat15 and I'd see on lat 15 OB. Resulting CscEff would be then : PP5-P1ass-BMrev

    I might add that being as you've continued your Lat whereas I would not have, you've IDd an Ag inside a Lat which, for me, can't be according to A-band sheet.
    With that said, if we were not in a Lat, which is what I'd see, I'd agree with your Ag.

    11:40 : no big deal, but I don't see the 3 on volume pane.

    I'll compare with what I've done and see if my comments are congruents with my own voew of the day.
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