Making good money again, need a virtual partner

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  1. Turveyd


    I'm an M1 short term Chop / Momo trader, DAX, GPBUSD, EurUsd.

    All be phone, voice over internet, don't care how rich / poor you are not going to judge, no money will change hands.

    I've got the method I'll get you upto speed on that quickly, other aspects will take longer but work together on those.

    So basically, i need someone to wake me up in the am say 8am UK time trade along 2-3 hours maybe till 5pm UK depending on work, alert me to setups, trend changes, stop me being lazy and tell me when Im making a stupid trade, or news out I've missed and I'll do the same for you ( not 8am wake up, i struggle there )

    Hopefully we both make good returns, 40% on a 2k usd account last week, obviously can't keep making 40% for ever, 1 or 2K per week is my goal.

    Any takers, newbies so moldable prefered!

    Trading alone is kinda boring, drives you crazy, so sense of humour required.
  2. zdreg


    you sound like you have the outlook of an army recruiter. carry on.
  3. Turveyd


    thats Crack On
  4. Turveyd


    It's how I like my woman to ( Sick sense of humour and perv should be added )
  5. SteveH


    Turvey, you could also choose to sleep in and then play the NQ, YM and RTY e-mini futures along with the last 2.5 hours of the Dax futures. All 4 have plenty of volatility on a 1 min chart and you could be done in either 3 hours or go ahead and trade the last 2 hours of the e-minis after a break your time. UK time makes your trading day start around 2:30 PM, end at 5:30 (if you want).
  6. Wow,

    What an opportunity for someone. could build an entire room of people if you wished. Carry on and good luck to you folks. I would love to hear how this went in a few months.

  7. wrbtrader


    I use an alarm clock on the night stand next to my bed when I need to be awaken to trade. Yet, the kids usually beats the alarm clock by about 5 - 15mins.

    The lazy aspect is to look for someone outside of your own home to wake you up. :p

    Everything else you mentioned to be alerted about can be put into your phone calendar.

    Good book, hobby, exercise routine, spouse (preferrably good looking) will keep the boredom away.

    Seriously, do you have physical disabilities, heavily medicated or something ???

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  8. wrb,

    We need to take this at face value...other than using ET to get some sort of client base..

  9. wrbtrader


    ET not suitable for a client base...never has been although the naive will attempt to use it as such.

    Yet, the comment that "newbies so moldable preferred" sounds similar to a clergyman asking naive girls to come to the office in the back of the church. :rolleyes:

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  10. Xela


    @Turveyd: For what it's worth, if anything, I also think - from reading your Journal on and off over the months - that trading NQ intraday might actually suit what I've seen of your trading style and objectives.
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