Making Entries

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dedicated1, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Do you average up/down or put the whole thing on at once ?

    Does it depend on going long or shorting ?

    Does your entry depend on the market or specific trade setup ?

    Does it just depend ?...or not even matter ??

    Are you a reactive trader or are you a proactive trader...or maybe a little of both.
  2. Ya. Average down and up until reaching certain size.
  3. All you who answer: Are you consistently profitable? (if you don't mind sharing that information)

    I would think the most profitable traders scale in/out and are more proactive than reactive.

    I personally average up/down in approximately 10% of all trades, and I am more reactive than proactive in about 40% of all trades.
  4. Oops! First of all, I forgot to mention: I am slightly profitable.

    Plus, I have to correct one of the numbers: I am more reactive than proactive in approximately 70% of all entries.
  5. prox


    Whole thing at once





  6. averaging works fine until you are on the wrong side of a move like we had this week then its disaster.
  7. NO.

    I am profitable.

    I am a reactive trader.

    I learned these lessons well because of when I started to trade. 10/8/99. The peak of the bull. I thought I was superman until the day MSTR opened 200 points to the downside in the premarket, and I was very heavily long. It took a year to recover those losses from one day. :eek: