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  1. Hi folks,

    I use SnapStream Beyond TV to record Bloomberg and other financial shows. They are stored on a harddrive and are in MPEG format. I would like to be able to watch these on a regular DVD player. Obviously copying them to a DVD-R doesn't work because they have to have a special format.

    Can anyone advise me on a simple way to do this?

    Making DVD's out of my Camtasia recordings is simple (automated), but converting recorded TV to DVD has been a pain. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. There are plenty of programs for that with various complexity. I would just get Nero. You would just select the option to make a DVD Video, drag the AVI or MPG files to the window, select the menus if any that you want, and it will convert everything as needed and burn the DVD.
  3. With Nero, it asks for .IFO, .VOB or .BUP files to be added to the VIDEO_TS folder when I use the wizard. The files I have are in MPEG. Am I missing a step?

  4. you are looking at the Nero Buring ROM module. That is used for buring the DVD or CD and expects all the files to be in the correct format. Instead, you need to start Nero Vision Express. That handles the conversion, etc.
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    If you just want to watch the files on your TV and then discard them check out the MVP player. Has some other features as well (plays MP3s, pics, radio) that make it a slick addition to the home theatre setup.
  6. OK. My version of Nero didn't have that. I downloaded the trial on the new version to try it. I will check back if there is still a problem. Thanks.