Making drunken sailors look like skinflints

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Great. First the so-called "conservative" party drops a half a trillion dollar bailout package in front of Congress. Then the democrats say "Shit! We can spend money faster than that!" and start trying to tack on even more.

  2. Interesting take.

    For you, it's ok to bail out highly compensated crooks.

    yet, it's not ok to help the folks who will be paying for the socialized coporate welfare program?
  3. Hey. If it weren't for drunken sailors, ugly girls wouldn't get any.

    Just ask yourself what those idiots saw behind closed doors. My bet is, Paulson dropped the lovable stutterer image, and said,
    "look you sons a bitches. We got nothing Monday if we dont' move and move now. Here's what we're doin."

    Nancy owns a ton of AIG. Can you imagine her call to that broker? But she was as sweet as pie coming out of that meeting.

    Oh, to have been sitting there. I wonder if it was as bad as I heard it was?
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    You can't really read, can you? I mean, you look at the screen and your lips move, but that whole comprehension thing just slips on by.
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    Yeah, it almost sounds like it's going to be the new catchphrase for a "Come to Jesus" meeting. Not often that one hears all these rumors and stories about a little ol' get together hosted by the fed.