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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by marrol, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. marrol


    Do you know any broker who allow to make a deposit by a VISA credit card ?

  2. DT-waw


    LOL :D
    ooooh my...
    i dont know any futures brokers who accept visa... ? :confused:

    BTW, have you seen a zero spread on SP eminis? Volume is higher and higher, some day it will hit 1Mil. ! Electronic trading is the future :)
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    Huh, just seen your profile marrol, you're from Poland just like me! :)
  4. matthew



    There is an issue of ownership of money. These days funding is normally done by individual check, or bank wires.
  5. I don't know how long you have been trading but do not use borrowed money to trade with. Especially DO NOT use borrowed money just to trade larger size.

    A new trader who trades with more money just loses more.

    Yes its true that many traders and firms trade with borrowed money, but they have a track record before doing this.
  6. marrol


    Sorry, you don't understand me clearly. :)
    I do not want to use borrowed money, I only want to make a deposit using a VISA charge card because there are still problems with bank wires from Poland to western countries... :(
  7. No broker will accept VISA because visa would charge them a percentage fee on the deal.
  8. matthew



    Visa would not be accepted because technically that is Visa's money that would be being deposited into the account. It's against the rules for me to accept funds from one entity on behalf of another entity.

    It's not a matter of a percentage fee as was suggested. If that were the case, we'd just charge the percentage back to you.

    What is the problem you are having with bank wires?
  9. marrol



    The thing is we need here in Poland a special permit from central bank to invest on foreigner markets and make bank wires into foreigner accounts.
    Of course many people make wires without this permit, but it is against the law when the sum exceeds a limit (which is quite low).
  10. In that case, can't you travel to another country, like Germany, and make the transfer to the USA from there?
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