Making a trading call

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CollegeTrader, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Im dont do this but im up for helping the TA indecisive people . Short the market short term trend line is down.
  2. something is wrong with ET when you make a great money making trading call and nobody cares. lol oh well hope i helped someone make some cash today.
  3. Nobody cares because it makes zero sense to blindly follow someone ELSE'S calls. Good for you if you made money, but you will learn with time that trading is an individual game.

  4. my call was not blind i showed my TA position as to why i said to stay short. but isn't he point of a trading form to bounce ideas off each other and give feeedback to traders. it seems the only threads that gather attention are those pointless flame war threads.
  5. don't be offended, what he means is traders don't follow advice on a trade, they use their own methods, plans and instincts.

    A trader may learn another's methods, but they will then use it as their own. And usually, once "news" of a good position is reported, its often already too late.

    For example:
    I make money by putting my money in at just the right moment, and taking it out at just the right moment. I don't have enough money to day trade unfortunately, so I am stuck with 1 night swing trades for most of my trading. I sit and watch the charts for hours sometimes before entering or leaving a position, but honestly I make more money this way with the rules that they are for unqualified day traders. Each trade I make is somewhere between 5-15% growth (usually...I also have lost 5-15% on a few trades too). I might be lucky that this is possible right now, but that's the facts.

    Everyone seems to be loosing money on FAZ and FAS, or at least that's what it seems everyone is saying. I make money on FAZ by buying within 10 or 15 cents of the daily low by watching watching watching especially at the end of the day and then holding overnight and selling it off during the morning market sell off. It is then or near then that I will enter a position with FAS, and perhaps hold that over night and sell it the next afternoon.

    Again I have made money that way, but I have also lost money that way....and actually, when I loose money, it's usually because I second guess my position and leave it when things look bad when I should have just held on for a few more hours to get psychological relief, or just a couple days to make everything back PLUS some. I am still learning to deal with my fears.

    However, what does this mean in terms of your thread? The market's going to settle down sometime soon and this method isn't going to work for to much longer. I am lucky to be able to bank on other people's fear in the morning sell-offs. Monday sell-offs are particularly good for my wallet.
  6. Successful traders have their own methods and anyone who makes their living from trading knows that following anyone else's advice is a losing proposition almost all the time.

    Don't take offense, I'm not suggesting your analysis is wrong or that you are a poor trader, only that there are reasons why people may not care to take your advice, even though you were right. Go 20/20 on your calls and that may change.