making a living v. getting rich

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  1. Just because you are not doing it doesn't mean it isnt being done... for an experienced scalper, several hundred thou a year is not beyond the realms of expectation :) ... and over the years, it adds up, assuming you don't spend too much... I do agree with your penultimate sentence... moreover, it also boils down to what "rich" means you to... for me, "rich" simply means "freedom"... for others, it means a certain minimum amount of $ in the bank... another thing: I prefer year long consistency as opposed to taking massive risks for massive gains, with the potential of massive downside...
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    You can pay the bills through daytrading, but you can change your lifestyle through swingtrading...

    Unless someone off the floor atually has a 80-90% system, 1:1 risk/reward that generates 10 trades per day .. then, you outperform everything and everyone.
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  3. It might be worth doing a financial analysis of your views. Also you might want to read Gary Smith's book.

    You are speaking about a nonlinear process. The implication s of what you say are that people screw up more and more as they go along.
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  4. I disagree... you can change your lifestyle through either (for better or for worse :D )...
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  5. You speak my language candleman :D

    Comparing scalpers with position traders, for example, is like comparing an F-16 pilot with a farmer.

    It's possible to make money scalping - However, I think it's the most difficult form of trading (from my own experience). I scalp (or let's rather say momentum trade - not exactly the 'scalping' we talked about in the age of fractions pre '99) myself, it's sort of my main trading style. I got good at it eventually. And I'm saying eventually. It's best to learn on longer timeframes and then reduce the timeframe gradually. That's how I look at it, anyway.

    I guess it's because I'm paranoid about losses. I just don't like seeing a position lose anymore than 5-20c per share, when trading stocks for example. I close out straight away and look for the next run, never looking at my P/L stats. At the end of the day, I will have made money. So, this is what I see as an advantage of scalping - Not many losing days (unless I really get like 20 trades wrong), which looks a lot smoother on my equity curve.
    Besides, my exposure to possible market events is much lower. I simply like to be able to sleep at night.

    How about you, candletrader, what's your main style? Do you scalp? Are there any nasdaq equity scalpers around here?

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  6. I have a completely different definition of rich. I make less than 2k a month, but I have my own place, my own car, anything I really want, and I don't work. (I run a small biz that is profitable and am just starting to work on my trading). My day consists of working 30mins and then going skiing. I am moving to a ski resort in a few weeks. By your guys definition I am broke-ass poor, but I feel rich.
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  7. And 10 seconds after you get your shares, the stock is halted,
    and opens 50% lower the next day :D



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  8. ... Sounds scary axeman... Never looked at it that way...
    Ever happened to you? Ever happened to anybody here?

    What do other scalpers think?

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  9. It has never happened to me, but it's a real risk I consider,
    and I have seen stocks that I scalp being halted on a date
    I was not trading them.

    Tony Oz mentioned in one of his books that because of
    similar isisues (opening 50% lower the next day after horrible
    news for example ), he never uses more than 25% of his capital
    on any one stock, no matter how tight his stop is.

    This makes sense.
    I think the same should be considered even when scalping
    a stock for a few seconds. You could be that one unlucky
    trader that gets caught at just the right time, and you KNOW
    the SPEC isn't gonna let you out of that trade ( for NYSE) when he is
    trying to cover his ass during a mad rush.



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  10. I am in total agreement with your sentiments on this... although I make more than you, my profits are not how I measure my wealth... I measure my wealth in terms of my freedom from corporate slavery... I am answerable only to myself, and I love it...
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