Making 250% in 10 months

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  1. southall


    My aim is to make a 250% return over the next 10 months day trading futures.

    Maximum Draw down expected is circa 50%.

    I could go for less of a draw down by reducing per trade risk but that would reduce profitability.

    I will reach my goal if i get good market action that is compatible with my trading style. Otherwise i will fall short.

    I am highly disciplined.

    Strict trade loss limits and daily loss limits are in force.

    Maximum daily loss limit is 8%. In reality most losing days are typically less than 5%.
    But there is always the possibility of a daily loss >8% due to slippage and other factors.

    I will update this thread every week.
  2. Atta boy!!!
  3. southall


    Only two trading days this week since journal was started on a wednesday night.

    Lost about 3% on thursday.. made 4% on NFP friday.

    So the account is up 1% in 2 days..

    I will post a chart of the accumulated weekly returns once i have more data points.
  4. spd


    What are you trading?

    Are you going to post trades in real time?
  5. southall


    I day trade stock index futures, fx etc
    Sorry i wont be going into individual trades, real time or otherwise, its hard enough doing this journal as is..

    Week 2

    First full week of trading, this week was a down week.

    Four losing days out of five.. account down about 11% this week.

    I have had 15% losing weeks in the past.. and cant rule out bigger losing weeks in the future.

    Process wise everything was executed well according to plan and with discipline.

    These are tough markets, quite choppy, and don't match my style of trading well.

    Will begin posting an equity chart next week.