Making 2 mio $ at Worldco ....

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    If somebody is doing so good (or nearly so good), what are they trading?

    Stocks? Options?

    The stocks worth 1 mio $ per day?

  2. What is "mio"?
  3. By the way, I dont think anyone is doing that great this year. The top traders made little over $2M last couple years...but I think they might be up maybe +$500,000 or so this year so far...not on par with last year...I can't be 100% sure, however... Maybe Hitman or I Missed The Boat can shed some light into the subject. Since Hitman is a Group Leader, he should have access to those numbers.
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    Re: 2002 FX Salary for London

    Originally posted by trader99
    just incase you guys were wondering..

    Remember, the multiply that amount by roughly 1.3 to get US Dollars.

    It's not equities but just a breakdown.

    2002 FX Salary Survey

    (in GBP) (incl bonus)
    Trading & Sales Senior Management
    Treasurer 148,000 240,000
    Head of FX Trading 150,000 315,000
    Head of FX Sales 125,000 300,000+
    Head of Currency Options Trading 125,000 300,000+
    Head of Money Markets 98,000 176,000+
    Head of Forwards Trading 104,000 217,000
    Head of Emerging Markets FX 114,000 232,000
    Head of Proprietary Trading 120,000 243,000
    Chief Dealer, FX 105,000 210,000

    Senior Traders & Sales Dealers
    Senior Spot Dealer 82,000 132,000
    Senior Forward Dealer 76,000 108,000
    Senior FX Sales 86,000 227,000+
    Senior FX Options Trader 91,000 197,000+
    Senior Proprietary Trader 86,000 193,000+
    Senior Derivatives Structurer 94,000 183,000+

    Traders & Sales Dealers
    Spot FX Dealer 69,000 114,000
    Forward FX Dealer 57,000 96,000
    Money Market Dealer 52,000 87,000
    FX Salesperson 66,000 115,000
    FX Options Dealer 74,000 126,000+
    FX Economist 93,000 162,000
    FX Strategist 87,000 185,000

    So, let's do some math here.

    Head of Proprietary Trading 120,000 243,000

    That's about $363K Sterling/Englis Pounds * 1.3 = $471K USD

    So, it seems like some of the traders at Worldco or Bright made $2M last year or something? Much better than these gus!

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    you can't really compare that as those are average comp packages, whereas at pro firms maybe a tiny handfull, if that, managed to earn 2mill whatever.

  7. This very funny. The only thing I said was refering to an extra 1/2 % on 20 million in profits. Then I said, I will tell you all next month when I hit that level. Has everyone lost their sense of humor ? The 2 million comment was made by Missed the Boat. And it was made as a negative statement about making 2 million.

    This is hilarious. Kind of like the game of telephone where one thing is said and by the end of the game a whole new story comes out. I just hope it really happens to me, than you can all say, "who's making 2 million ???, I don't believe it" :)
  8. Just for the record. As Daytradernyc said, some of the best traders (who made $2 mil in the good days) are making $500,000 IF ANYTHING AT ALL. In fact, maybe one or two people are making $1 million. The good majority of traders at WLDCO are making ZILCH!
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  10. I heard recently that less than a dozen traders nationwide are net profitable...:eek:
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