Making 10% yearly

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by simonee, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. simonee


    Is it hard to trade with a 10% profitt every year?

  2. simonee


    I think its very hard, if you are not a super trader..or?
  3. this is a broad question, you have to more specific.

    If you have have a 10k account, making 10% is not hard yearly for the next 10 years is not hard. But if you have like a 10 or 100mil account, its a lot harder.
  4. simonee


    Sorry, you are right!
    Lets say a 100k account, and is there any specific instrument to trade with that is less risky (sorry for my English, Iam from Sweden).

  5. considering there are risk free FDIC insured CDs @ 5%

    and savings account @ 4% per year, risk free.

    10% doesn't sound too far fetched.. :)
  6. agpilot


    Hello Simon: The question back to you is: Who is doing the trading? The ability of that person is the key to your answer.

    If it was someone who has a PROVEN track record of at least 10% or higher with low drawdown, I'd say yes.. If the person your thinking about using (yourself?) has no proven abilities, I'd say the chances are your headed for a loss since it's widely accepted that beginners loose more then they gain for quite some time. Go with the odds. agpilot
  7. Why the need to make 10% every year? Why not make 20% then lose 10%, on and on. Or make 40% and lose 50% once every 5 years and youd be rich in no time. Spend some time with excel
  8. simonee


    Thanks for the replys!
    Its not a must to make 10% every year, it could be win 20% than lose 10%.

    But is 10% a hard to achive?
  9. It's not hard to make 10% a year, the problem is when you make 10%, you want 20%, then 30%, and then lost control and blow up your account.