Makin $$$$ in 2003

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatman, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. fatman


    How much money do you hope/plan to take out of the market in 2003?

    And how much of that will you put into your own pocket after commissions, payout, etc.?

    Since I'm kinda new I just thought this might be an interesting thread.
  2. I'm looking to net at least $100K from the market in 2003. I have to average a little less than $500 a day (net) which is feasible. My number is relatively modest because I'm learning a new NYSE style which is very conservative and risk averse.
  3. lescor


    $150k net, which is based on how things went throughout 2002 and how my trading has progressed. I've got at least half a dozen new ideas I want to work on, plus start trading commodity futures. If some of these ideas hit, then who knows.
  4. All of it.
  5. Dustin


    I planning on the goldenarm - lescor range. Would be happy with 100k, would be very happy with 150k. So far the year has started out quite well...
  6. lundy


    One Thousand Million dollars and 43 cents.
  7. One thousand million dollars and 44 cents.
  8. nitro


    Whatever it gives me.

  9. KavMan


    Enough for me to buy this paid in full :D

  10. 50,000
    #10     Jan 11, 2003